Driving Vintage Cars Restricted in Greece


The rules governing the circulation of vintage cars on Greek roads were amended on Friday in a joint decision by the Transport and Economy ministries after a string of reports that owners were flouting restrictions on their use.

Greece has around 10,000 vintage cars and a law issued two years ago banned them from the streets. They could only travel by truck or trailer and violations incurred huge fines. But this created problems for owners when they wanted to take their cars to special events or to a mechanic for servicing or repairs.

Photo by Xalkida and Trekearth

The new amended rules allow vintage vehicles to be driven on Greek roads two days before an event and one day after. They are now allowed to be driven to and from a mechanic’s every first Wednesday and third Saturday of each month.

Also for maintenance purposes, they can be driven on the streets of the regional unit where they are registered every second and fourth Sunday of each month.