Do Americans take Freedoms for Granted

by Mike Sparks

Do Americans take Freedoms for Granted?

This morning I attended both Ebenezer Primitive Baptist Church and Franklin Road Baptist Church…Both churches, although different, one black and one white have much in common — A love for our country and most importantly a heart for Jesus Christ and their fellow man…
If you haven’t noticed yet there are many whose mission is to ‘divide and conquer’ this country — and folks it’s well-orchestrated and well-funded…Maybe a good journalist will investigate the funding behind it. 😉 😉 😉

The other-day I watched something that really bothered me–a few students kneeling during the national anthem…
A myriad of thoughts flowed through my head as I watched the handful of students:
What would my former Smyrna High Principal Mr. Raikes have done?

Pictured: Former Smyrna High School Principal Robert Raikes and Mike Sparks.

Do these students even know what they are protesting?
Are their parents in the stands?
Is their father involved in their lives?
I thought of my former Nissan coworker, friend and customers Sgt. Asbury ‘Freddie’ Hawn who lost his life in Iraq and whose son Spencer was graduating at the same ceremony.

The late Sgt. Asbury ‘Freddie’ Hawn, son John and 4-year-old Spencer Hawn who graduated from Stewarts Creek High School Class of 2020

I thought of my Kurdish friends who were saved by our country’s military men and women when Saddam Hussein massacred over 50,000 Kurdish including women and children.
I thought about my great uncle who was killed in a German concentration camp after he was captured during WW11.
I thought of my late WW11 father and what he would think if he saw where this country is going.
I thought of the late Major Walls who was at Pearl Harbor when it was bombed.
America may not be perfect, but if it wasn’t for this country the world wouldn’t be as blessed. America is the first to respond to world disasters and conflicts.
America donates roughly $50 billion annually in economic and humanitarian assistance to foreign counties and even to some countries who don’t like us.
In America we have the freedom to choose. The freedom of speech. The freedom to worship.The freedom for me to write this article. The freedom to bear arms and even the freedom to be disrespectful at a high school graduation service–just to name a few.

Possibly we have raised generation (not all) that may take these freedoms and others for granted. These young people — and maybe some even a few old ones (Just Sayin’) should realize that there other countries where just saying the name of “Jesus” in public can get you jailed or even killed.

One of my favorite quotes is by Dr. Ming Xu Wang,

“People who have been blind appreciated sight the most — People who have never had Freedom, appreciate Freedom the most.”

Thank-you to all who have served this great nation and thank-you for our pastors, Sunday school teachers, deacons, elders and others who have stood for Christ and taught the next generation biblical christian values.

I’ll Stand For The Flag & I’ll Kneel At The Cross…Please consider joining me.