Community Shows Support For New Rutherford County Veterans Center Opening


By Justin Stokes
(Originally Posted in The Murfreesboro Voice)


Tennesseans have a long history of serving the country’s armed forces. This proud tradition is actually what earned Tennessee the nickname “The Volunteer State.” This service tradition is alive and well today. According to the census data collected in 2018, “there were over 435,000 veterans living in Tennessee comprising about 8.5% of the state’s population.”
Sometimes these brave individuals need help themselves. This is why Murfreesboro resident Brian Norris founded the Rutherford County Veterans Community Center (RCVCC). A newly minted facility created to streamline veteran support, the center—which had its official ribbon cutting ceremony on July 15—is now ready to serve veterans in a number of ways.

This Is The city With The Most Veterans In It…


Initially from New York, Brian enlisted in the U.S. Navy in 1992 as a

Each of these groups represents a worthwhile resource for veterans in Rutherford County. Since they’re competing for resources and members, the help of many of these groups is only extended to their membership.

Since these groups operate independently, figuring out which ones to join or contact may be overwhelming for area veterans. Seeing their lack of connectivity as a problem, Brian decided that literally putting them under one roof could unite them. 

Thus, the idea for the RCVCC was born. 


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