Charter School Groundbreaking in Rutherford County Gets a Boost as Governor Bill Lee Pays a Visit

Rutherford Collegiate Academy


MURFREESBORO, Tn.—Education in Murfreesboro is embarking on an exciting new journey, and it all unfolds on Manson Pike—next door to Blackman United Methodist Church. 

Enter Rutherford Collegiate Prep Charter Academy, a trailblazer that is poised to etch its name in the books of Rutherford County’s educational history. As the first charter school in the county, this is a historic leap toward providing students with innovative learning opportunities.



At the helm of this initiative is Mr. Carney, the Executive Vice President of Noble Education Initiative Tennessee. With a resolute commitment to serving the children of this community, Mr. Carney and his team are primed to lead the charge and steer the academy toward a bright future.

“We are strongly committed to serving these kids,” affirmed Eve Carney, highlighting their dedication to the students’ well-being.

Hailing from the shores of Florida, this nonprofit organization is gearing up to assume the reins of Rutherford Collegiate Prep, ensuring the seamless daily operations of the academy. Their arrival heralds a new era of educational prospects for the community, driven by a mission to foster growth and success for every student.

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Robert Stevens
Rep. Robert Stevens (R-Smyrna)

“Today’s groundbreaking was a great occasion for Rutherford County.  Rutherford Collegiate Prep will offer families a choice as they determine the best course for their children, will use an innovative and engaging curriculum, and by accepting over 700 students, will also provide relief to overcrowded campuses in the outstanding Rutherford County public schools. I look forward to the success that will come from this new facility.” Rep. Robert Stevens (R-Smyrna)

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Adding a touch of grandeur to this groundbreaking event was none other than Governor Bill Lee. His presence underscored the significance of this moment in the education landscape, acknowledging the academy’s potential to shake up the traditional education model and provide an environment where dreams can flourish.

Mike Sparks Smyrna
(Pictured: Rep. Mike Sparks, Rep. Tim Rudd, Gov. Bill Lee, Sen. Dawn White, Rep. Robert Stevens and Sen. Shane Reeves)

In recent times, Governor Bill Lee has demonstrated his unwavering commitment to education. Through groundbreaking legislation, he has championed the largest investment in education and teacher raises, emphasizing the vital role of educators in shaping young minds.

“It is an exciting day for Rutherford County as we celebrate our first charter school groundbreaking. Charter schools give parents additional choices for their child’s education, and I’m certain Rutherford County will benefit from having Rutherford Collegiate Prep serving many of our students.” Sen. Dawn White


Sen. Dawn White (R-Murfreesboro)

As the crowd gathered at the construction site, a prominent podium took center stage, bearing a banner adorned with the academy’s emblem. This emblem served as a symbol of the collective vision to transform education in Rutherford County.


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Dan Boone, Chair of the ReThink Forward Board, expressed his sentiments, saying, “Our groundbreaking is a testament to the dedication of our team and the tremendous support we’ve received from our community. Rutherford Collegiate Prep is more than just a school; it’s a movement that will shape the future of education in Rutherford County.”

The enthusiasm of the crowd mirrored their excitement for what was a transformative moment. The consensus was clear: a game-changer was in the making, and the potential for groundbreaking progress was palpable.

The academy’s facilities promise to be as groundbreaking as its mission, with features including:

  • Grade-level community classrooms fostering collaboration and camaraderie among students.
  • An atrium equipped with a collaboration area and an exhilarating slide, adding a touch of excitement to everyday learning.
  • State-of-the-art Science, Art, and Music labs to nurture students’ creativity and scientific curiosity.
  • A spacious multipurpose field for physical activities and outdoor events.
  • A secured tot lot ensuring a safe and enjoyable environment for our youngest learners.
  • Cutting-edge 1-to-1 technology to facilitate personalized and interactive learning. 

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Applications for students entering grades K-6 during the 2024-25 school year will open on December 1, 2023. To stay informed and be a part of the RCP community, join the mailing list at Rutherford Collegiate Prep.

As construction kicks into high gear, the community buzzes with excitement. The Collegiate Prep Academy is rising from the ground as you read this, and we’re all privileged witnesses to history in the making.

That’s the scoop on the Collegiate Prep Academy’s groundbreaking brimming with enthusiasm. It’s not just a groundbreaking; it’s the dawn of a new era of education in Murfreesboro and Rutherford County. This is the start of something big!