Ceres Terminals Provides Jobs Through Pandemic




Ceres Terminals Provides Jobs Through Pandemic

2020 was a tough year for many businesses and communities. The pandemic caused many  businesses to shut their doors, which left families without finances, food, and stability. Through  it all, there were businesses that were fortunate enough to stay standing and keep employees  working. Ceres Terminals Inc. was among some of those companies, and headquartered here  in Nashville, TN.

Ceres is among the top three premier stevedore and terminal operators in North America. With  over 60 years of experience moving cargo and operating in different services of the industry:  Cruise, Container, and Military Cargo, along with other stevedoring services.


Even with the cruise lines at a complete halt in all ports, Ceres avoided layoffs, continued  promoting within the organization, and added 35 employees between the months of March  2020 – March 2021. Ceres also provides several hundred jobs to the Nashville area and  employs several thousand people throughout the United States and Canada through union  payroll.

“We are grateful that our company has been able to withstand the pandemic and help many  people in our community. When we decided to relocate our headquarters to Nashville, we  never dreamed of a worldwide virus in our future,” said Craig Mygatt, CEO of Ceres Terminals.  “We are all in this together and we hope to continue serving our employees and the community  of Nashville, TN.”

As we move forward into 2021, we must work together to help businesses and our community  so that we can keep Tennessee thriving.

About the Company, Ceres Terminals Holdings LLC 

Nashville-headquartered, Ceres is a leader among marine terminal operators and stevedores  in North America. Operating in many of North America’s major marine ports, the Company  provides terminal management as well as services for all types of cargo, including container,  bulk, breakbulk, automotive, project, military, cruise, intermodal facilities, RO/RO operations,  and M&R services. Ceres is wholly owned by Macquarie Infrastructure Partners.


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