Caleb Tidwell Announces Re-election 2024


Caleb Tidwell has announced he is seeking re-election for the Zone 3 seat he currently holds on the Rutherford County School Board. Tidwell, a passionate proponent of our public-school system, looks forward to continuing the strong success in his role the past two years on the Board.

Tidwell won a heavily contested race for this Zone 3 seat in 2022. He served the
two years that were remaining from the term of Lisa Moore who resigned this seat
in late 2021.

Tidwell was elected to Co-Chair by a Board majority his first year on the Board. He has stood behind his campaign promises of being a strong, conservative proponent of public education, fighting for the rights of the students, parents, and teachers. His campaign promise to protect parent’s rights and involvement has been fulfilled, time after time, while on the Board. Tidwell is committed to continuing the successes achieved in these past two years, commenting

“As a passionate conservative, I have stood against, and will continue to fight, the woke ideologies being pushed nationally to local districts. I voted to increase educators’ wages and benefits which closed the gap in vacancies and increased retention.”

I’ve passed policies that rolled back Covid restrictions, furthering my commitment to
support Parent’s Rights. It was a privilege to be a leader on the Board and successfully pass the first Balanced Budget in many years.” Caleb TidwellStaff and students are safer in Rutherford County, as Tidwell voted to implement a system wide “Safety Day” with several specialized training programs and multiple new measures of prevention put into place.
“With a forward-looking approach, I voted in favor of land acquisition for new school builds and additions at OHS, RHS, and LHS to help alleviate over-capacity schools while also aggressively planning for anticipated continued growth of enrollment”, Tidwell commented.

“We need a school system that typifies excellence, true vision, and that exercises
good fiscal management. With all the concerns currently facing not only Rutherford County, but our public schools in general, a strong school board is essential. The school board is supposed to serve the community. I have been and will always be available to listen to parents, teachers, and community members. I have the energy and drive to continue to fulfill these commitments I made 2 years ago”.

Tidwell is seeking reelection to the Zone 3 seat on the board and will be running as
a Republican candidate in the March 5th primary with one other opponent.

Rutherford County Commissioner Romel McMurry, Caleb Tidwell and Commissioner Phil Wilson.

Tidwell, a lifelong resident of Rutherford County, attended Kittrell school through the 8th grade, graduated from Oakland High School and went on to complete his bachelor’s degree from MTSU in Marketing / Business Administration. Tidwell and his wife, Anna, have been married 14 years and they have three young children, all attending Rutherford County Schools. Tidwell has owned his own company and continues to be in leadership roles in construction related businesses. He has been a coach for MBA youth baseball teams as well as having coached basketball for 2nd & 3rd grade boys at Barfield. Tidwell organized and ran The Charity Adventure, a program to get youth involved with the Angel Tree program,
for the Salvation Army in years past and remains very involved in the Rutherford
County community and invested in our schools.

You can learn more about his campaign at
or by contacting him at

Election Information:
March 5, 2024 Election
Presidential Preference Primary and Murfreesboro City Municipal
Early Voting runs February 14-26, 2024
Offices to be Elected:
Party Presidential Nominees
Highway Superintendent, Property
Assessor, Rutherford County
School Board Zones Nominees