Both La Vergne Police and JROTC bring Cheer this Christmas Season

Lavergne ROTC and Police Department

The Grinch may have tried to steal Christmas, but it was no match when the La Vergne High School Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps teamed up with the LaVergne Police Department to spread the Christmas Spirit.


The La Vergne High JROTC took $1,000 to the La Vergne Police Department to help spread some holiday cheer. Instead of writing tickets, officers gave out gift cards to drivers they pulled over while they were patrolling while on duty.

“These young people are a great example of what the Christmas holiday is really about,” says Police Chief Mike Walker. “Their donation gave us an opportunity to make a different kind of connection with the people we interact with every day.”

According to a Facebook post, one woman who was pulled over reached out to Chief Walker expressing her gratitude for the officer who pulled her over for not wearing a seatbelt, thanking him and his officers for their professionalism and kindness.

“It it so wonderful to see how our community gathers together to help the children and elderly in need” said Vice-Mayor Melissa Brown. (A recent student herself, graduating at Motlow College and MTSU with the honor of Magna Cum Laude)

The JROTC members started with the goal of bringing in $500 for the gift card donations but dropped off twice that much when they stopped off at LPD to drop off the cards.

“I think it was a wonderful thing to do. With things like they are people need to see the humanity in our city. Way to go and keep up the good work LPD” said La Vergne Alderman Calvin Jones.

Editor’s Note: I was very moved when I read about the efforts of both the La Vergne Police Department and La Vegne JROTC students. With so much negativity, backbiting and the usual Facebook keyboard warriors (you know who you are – lol) always complaining about something, it was refreshing to see some kindness and Christmas spirit spread in La Vergne.
The effort reminded me of the Sgt. Asbury “Freddie” Hawn. Sgt. Hawn was my coworker at Nissan, a customer and friend who lost his life in Iraq. Freddie was killed on Aug. 14, 2005 from small arms fire and a rocket-propelled grenade attack. I think Sergeant Hawn would be very proud due to the fact that Freddie was one of the founding members of the La Vergne High School JROTC unit when it opened in 1988. “He worked hard for me,” said Jeff Clater, Freddie’s ROTC instructor, “He was a good man.”

The irony with this story is that the day I received my drivers license at 16, I was pulled over by La Vergne’s finest. Sadly, I didn’t receive a gift card from La Vergne Police Department, but a ticket for speeding. I was driving home from work at Morrison’s Cafeteria (They were located at Hickory Hollow Mall) and I would often give a coworker a ride home who lived in La Vergne.
Both La Vergne and Smyrna Police Departments are well known for writing their fair share of tickets (Chiefs and officers, don’t be upset – Just Sayin’). Keep up the “Good Work” La Vergne PD and La Vergne JROTC!