Bo Snerdley recalls Rush Limbaugh as ‘second-generation Founding Father’ who ‘returned his talent to God’



James Golden, aka Bo Snerdley, recalls decades-long friendship with America’s Anchorman.

Longtime “The Rush Limbaugh Show” producer and call-screener James Golden — better known to millions of listeners as “Bo Snerdley” or “Mr. Snerdley” — honored the iconic broadcaster as a friend and colleague on “Hannity” Thursday.

“Our beloved Rush has returned his talent to God,” an emotional Snerdley told host Sean Hannity, riffing on Limbaugh’s favorite self-description as having “talent on loan from God.”

“We can’t wrap our arms around this,” Snerdley added. “We can’t wrap our brains and our hearts around this … we are so thankful to him.

Limbaugh died Wednesday at age 70 from lung cancer complications.

“You know, Rush is to me a second-generation Founding Father,” Snerdley continued. “One man changed so many trajectories in this country. When Rush began his career, there were 1,200 radio stations, roughly, doing the talk radio format. Today, there are over 12,000.”

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