Australia’s shock election results are drawing comparisons to Trump’s 2016 win


Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison led his conservative government to a surprise victory in his country’s election, fending off a challenge from the left-leaning Labor opposition with his pledge to safeguard the slowing economy.

“I have always believed in miracles,” Morrison, 51, told his cheering supporters in Sydney, with his wife and two daughters by his side. “Tonight we’ve been delivered another one.”


  • Scott Morrison, Australia’s conservative prime minister, pulled off a shock defeat in Australia’s national election Saturday.
  • The victory defied scores of polls and drew marked similarities to the rise of populist support for fiery conservative candidates across the world.
  • Reports said support for the conservative came from outer suburban seats with demographics similar to America’s rural rust belt.
  • The victory signals a continued foothold for the troubled conservative party, for which Morrison ran on a message of economic security and development


The final election results may not be known until late Saturday, Morrison’s coalition won more than 70% of the 74 seats of the 76 needed for a majority, with Labor on just 66 seats.

Morrison’s win is a sign that many populist voters supported him and Morrison has been compared to President Donlad Trump. It is widely known that Morrison is on very friendly terms with President Trump.