Rep. Andy Holt will not seek re-election, desires to spend time with family


Tennessee State Representative Andy Holt (R-Dresden) will not seek re-election for his seat in the State Legislature. Rep. Holt who serves for District 76, which includes all of Weakley County and parts of Carroll and Obion counties cites his desire to spend more time with his family.

The Dresden Republican has one of the most conservative records in the Tennessee Legislature. His lifetime American Conservative Union lifetime score was 88 and his 2019 score was score 96, one of the highest on the ACU scorecard.

“I have a simple philosophy when it comes to government: The less of it, the better off we are” ~ Rep. Andy Holt

“Representative Holt will long be remembered for his unwavering support of the unborn.His conservative values and advocacy for the agriculture community will be missed.” Chairman Clark Boyd

Holt is best known for his efforts to fight the traffic cameras. Holt even burned traffic tickets in his office.

(Video courtesy of Ken Heron)

“Chairman Holt has been a solid vote every-time for Christian conservative values. His principled manor will be missed in the Tennessee General Assembly,” ~ Chairman Jeremy Faison

Chairman Andy Holt meets with FFA students.

“Rep. Holt and I were both elected in 2010. I’ve always admired Andy’s willingness to take a stand, even if it meant that he stood alone. He was always able to get a few other lawmakers to take a stand with him, including myself. I’m glad to stand with you Andy. You’ll be greatly missed.” Rep. Mike Sparks