Tennessee House Republican Caucus Elects a New Majority Whip

Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton and newly-elected whip Johnny Garrett

NASHVILLE – The Tennessee House Republican Caucus met Monday evening before their floor session, Representative Johnny Garrett (R-Goodlettsville) was elected as the new Tennessee House Majority Whip.


Representative Garrett, an attorney works at both the Nashville and Sumner County offices won the vote over representative Mark Hall, who presents district 24 also applied to run. Representative Mark Hall is from Cleveland, Tennessee. He served from 2006 to 2018 as the seventh district commissioner on the Bradley County commission.

The house majority whip position came open when Representative Rick Tillis of Lewisburg stepped down.

According to The Tennessee Star, Representative Tillis was elected as Majority Whip during the House Republican Caucus elections held in November 2018.

As the first legislative session of the 111th Tennessee General Assembly was underway, an anonymous Twitter account was initiated under the handle @CHBMole. The handle implied an insider’s perspective of happenings at the legislature’s offices at the Cordell Hull Building.

Much of @CHBMole’s Twitter activity was critical in nature and was directed largely at Republicans and staffers.

After a few months of activity, @CHBMole was outed as Representative Tillis.

While at least one legislative support staff member complained of the creation of a hostile work environment at the hands of @CHBMole, no apparent actions were taken.