Legislation reintroduced to delay 25 percent tariff on cars, auto parts


Tennessee Senator Lamar Alexander is persevering with his effort to sideline proposed tariffs on imported car elements. The Tennessee Republican and Senator. Doug jones, D-Alabama, on Tuesday announced they have got reintroduced their automotive jobs act legislation.

The measure by way of the senators from two massive car-making states would hold-off the proposed 25 percentage tariff on imported vehicles and automotive products by President Donald Trump. The proposed tariffs are referred to national safety grounds. In November, the president announced he would delay the tariffs while government officials do not forget revisions to a document on country wide protection. U. S. Trade secretary Wilbur Ross’ closing date for handing over the document to the white residence is feb. 17.

The proposed legislation would require the International Trade Commission (ITC) to conduct a comprehensive study on the well-being and vitality of the U.S. automotive industry before any tariffs could be enacted.

President Trump directed the U.S. Commerce Department last May to determine whether imported auto parts and vehicles pose a threat to national security. The department’s report will be completed next month.


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