9 dead after 2 Black Hawk helicopters crash in Kentucky



According to an Army official, a devastating event occurred during a routine training mission in Trigg County, Kentucky, resulting in the loss of all nine service members on board two U.S. Army Black Hawk helicopters. The official referred to the incident as a “truly tragic loss.”


The helicopters, both from the 101st Airborne Division, had a total of nine occupants, with one carrying five and the other carrying four individuals. The crash happened on Wednesday at approximately 10 p.m. during a multi-ship formation flight conducted under night vision goggles, according to Army officials.

At present, the names of the service members have not been disclosed, and officials are currently informing their families about the tragic event.

Marc Lewis

During a news conference on Thursday, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear expressed his condolences and stated that they would provide support , the families. “We’re going to embrace these families and stand by them during this difficult time,” he stated.

Source: 6 and news Philadelphia