7 work from home options for writers during Coronavirus lockdown

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From blogging to marketing, here are some career options for content writers where they can work from the safety of their homes amid the coronavirus outbreak.

India Today Web Desk New Delhi March 27, 2020

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According to India Today, Web Desk below are 7 work from home career options for writers.


In the midst of the coronavirus outbreak in the world, it has become very difficult for people to seek new job opportunities. Many companies are currently not accepting applications from candidates who can work from the designated offices due to the health and sanitation issues. Because of this, job aspirants are looking for work from home options in their respective fields. Work from home jobs, in the current environment, are safer and more reasonable for people seeking employment.

To take up content writing as a work from home job, aspirants need to keep a few tips in mind, such as building up a work profile, creating work samples and showcasing your samples, which will make you more appealing for online platforms. Most of the work from options for writer are for online platforms and websites, so job seekers should adjust their writing skills accordingly.

Here are some career options for writers seeking work from home jobs:

1. Blogging

Writing a blog in your area of interest will enhance your writing skills and increase your expertise in that specific subject. You can either start your own blog where you can focus on your opinions and ideas or work for a well-established blog. Full-time bloggers usually gain a large readership as people trust their writing. You need to have original ideas and trustworthy content if you want to pursue blogging.

2. Academic Writing

Academic writing is a great field for a person who has wide expertise in any specific educational subject. Academic writing includes writing research papers, drafting curriculums and providing your inputs in academic books and materials. You can also pursue academic writing on various online platforms dedicated to your subject of choice.


3. Digital Marketing

As the current population usually consumes content through online platforms, combining your skills as a writer with digital marketing tricks is the way to go in today’s scenario. The demand for writers who understand digital marketing is growing as digital marketing is very profitable for online portals and website growth. The writer’s skills can bring direct revenue to the organisation, from the comfort of their own homes! All they need to do is understand the workings of Google Ads, SEO, E-mail and social media marketing.

4. Public Relations writing

Public relations has grown in the media and corporate industry in the past decade and the demand for good writers is increasing in this field. Most companies hire their own in-house team to manage personal relations, but you can also opt for work in a PR agency. The primary work of a writer working in personal relations is writing press releases, media invites, newsletters and bulletins for their respective organisation. Their job is to get the word out about any achievement or notable work of their organisation.

5. Freelancing

If you can bend your writing skills according to different organization’s needs and are good at following deadlines, then freelancing is just for you. If you are working from home, your responsibilities may range from building up the website content for the organization and managing social media engagement on various online platforms.

6. Script Writing

You can easily write scripts from the comfort of your home if your writing is imaginative and has an abundance of flair. You need to have new and interesting ideas to keep your target audience engaged throughout the story. Scripts are mostly written in an audio/video format and the end product should be shoot ready and easy to understand by the directors and actors.

7. Copywriting

Copywriting is an interesting career choice for people who can easily attract audience to a specific product. Copywriting is primarily done for any type of marketing or advertising, where you have to come up with slogans and jingles for several advertising or PR campaigns held by your organization. You will need to increase brand awareness and steer more people towards the product using your writing skills.

You can look for various work from home opportunities in these fields if you plan on making a career as a content writer and ensure social distancing by staying home at the same time.