Changing the Statute of Limitations for Child Sex Abuse Crimes


State lawmakers continue to look into changes in the statute of limitations on child sex abuse crimes. Representative Mike Sparks is sponsoring legislation that would remove the statute all together for Class A and Class B felony child sex abuse crimes, a move that would make a difference for future victims. The change would not impact past cases as it cannot be retroactive.

The bill that is proposed is House Bill 0112:

“Statutes of Limitations and Repose – As introduced, removes the statutes of limitation for various sexual offenses that are Class A or B felonies when committed against children on or after July 1, 2019. – Amends TCA Title 39 and Title 40, Chapter 2.”

In 2018 the legislative body moved forward in studying the change in law thanks to the insistence of WGNS’ Scott Walker.

In April of 2018, both the senate and the house passed a bill to study the impact of eliminating the statute of limitations for felony sex abuse offenses committed on children. Representative Sparks of Smyrna stated…

Now that the study is complete, it will be up to lawmakers in 2019 to move forward with the elimination of the statute of limitations.


Nathan Shaver, Senior Research Associate with the TACIR stated..

Shaver went on to list how many states don’t have a statute of limitations for felony child sex offenses…

TACIR is the Tennessee Advisory Commission on Intergovernmental Relations and they are tasked with studies and research of the potential bill.